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S.Y 2016 - 2017

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The Playhouse for Early Education recognizes the uniqueness of every child, each child with his own capability, intelligence, interest, feelings, needs and temperament. Fostering these uniqueness leads to positive-esteem. In this regard, The Playhouse limits each class size to 10-18 students, handled by a
teacher and an assistant, with the end in view of knowing and caring for each individually.

We’ve entrusted all 3 of our kids to the Playhouse for Early Education. The school administrator, teachers and staff are aware of the uniqueness of each child and they know how to tap their potentials.
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-Arthur John Santiago
Father of Matthew, Luke and Therese Santiago
Matthew: Graduated Prep, Batch 2009
Luke: Graduated Prep, Batch 2012
Therese: Currently in Kinder
We first enrolled Aidan in the summer workshop, and we were very impressed. The teachers and teacher-aides were very accomodating. So we decided to enroll Aidan for Nursery in the succeeding school year.
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-Pius Santiago
Father of Aidan Santiago
Graduated Prep, Batch 2012
We started at the Playhouse for Early Education in June 2011 as a trial school for my second son Austin, who like me, came from a traditional school.

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- Joseph and Josie Argosino
Parents of Austin, Amiel and Lena Argosion
Austin: Finished Kinder, Batch 2003
Amiel: Finished Kinder, Batch 2009
Lena: Finished Prep Batch 2012