“We’ve entrusted all 3 of our kids to the Playhouse for Early Education. The school administrator, teachers and staff are aware of the uniqueness of each child and they know how to tap their potentials. The school is a warm and wonderful place, truly a second home of our children. The teachers and staff are caring professionals and at times they even go out of their way to help us parents with our children.”
- Arthur John Santiago
Father of Matthew, Luke and Therese Santiago
Matthew: Graduated Prep, Batch 2009
Luke: Graduated Prep, Batch 2012
Therese: Currently in Kinder

“We first enrolled Aidan in the summer workshop, and we were very impressed. The teachers and teacher-aides were very accomodating. So we decided to enroll Aidan for Nursery in the succeeding school year. Our expectation grew and the Playhouse didn’t disappoint us. Our active little boy was given the chance to learn and explore. The Playhouse administration, teachers and staff worked hand-in-hand with the parents to ensure that learning was sustained at home. It wasn’t just our son who learned. We, the parents, also did. I’m happy that we made that decision to send him to Playhouse. It helped build a foundation of love for learning that nurtured his natural curiosity. It also helped Aidan learn how to interact with children even outside his age group.”
- Pius Santiago
Father of Aidan Santiago
Graduated Prep, Batch 2012

“We started at the Playhouse for Early Education in June 2011 as a trial school for my second son Austin, who like me, came from a traditional school. Playhouse opened my eyes to the truth , that each child is “UNIQUE IN HIS OWN WAY” and that I should listen to and learn from my kids. Eleven years with the Playhouse gave a big impact on our family until now, so thank you PLAYHOUSE!!!! This quote explains everything we learned from them. ”
- Joseph and Josie Argosino
Parents of Austin, Amiel and Lena Argosion
Austin: Finished Kinder, Batch 2003
Amiel: Finished Kinder, Batch 2009

Four years back, my husband and I were both excited to scout for a pre-school where our little rookie will enroll. We never realized though that searching for a pre-school was not as easy as ABC, more so that we had some criteria to consider. After weeks of roving around the city, our cruise for pre-school exploration finally ended. We found the ideal school for our mister little. “The Playhouse for Early Education”. At Playhouse, they make learning enjoyable. Bunch of fun activities awaits the kiddos and everyone is certainly part of school productions. The teachers are good-natured and competent, especially Teacher Jea, while the teacher-aides are truly caring, particularly Ms. Alma and Ms. Cherry. Oh, I won’t forget Teacher Maloy, the School Administrator who is not only accommodating but also an expert in teaching and managing youngsters. No sad days at the Playhouse because all days are happy days.”
Mother of Yohance Katigbak
Nursery, Batch 2012

“ We cannot thank you enough, Playhouse, for the excellent foundation you’ve provided our children during their early education. Pre-school will not be that easy and enjoyable for them if not for your patience, understanding and endless support. We admire the wonderful teachers, especially Teacher Mel, Teacher Abbey, Ms. Alma and Ms. Cherry for their genuine love and care. You all have contributed to their educational and personal growth. Our children had a remarkable and meaningful learning experience in your school.”

“JR is now 9 years old and in Grade IV, while AJ is 5 and also doing well in Grade I. They may be in another school now, but I know both of my boys will forever carry the fond memories of The Playhouse as they continue to journey on with their lives.”
- Rico and Christine Parel
Parents of Jr and AJ Parel
Jr: Graduated Prep
AJ: Pre-Nursery Batch 2012
“The Playhouse for Early Education have a special place in our heart. My husband and I believe in quality education and wanted our children’s preschool expereience to be very memorable, and we were never wrong choosing this school. It was there that my children first learned that they could do things they never thought possible. Their experiences were so nurturing that they learned the beauty of working and sharing. We even had this quote from the school that we still live by.. “Sharing is loving”. I will forever cherish our experiences in the school. Thanks to the staff of the school for doing their best, making sure that the kids really enjoyed their preschool days. Special thanks to Teacher Mel for handling my 5 kiddos and making sure that they all did good in the big school after leaving Playhouse..” -
- Queenie Lamadrid
Mother of Janielle, Rinoa, Gianna, Enzo, and Lana Lamadrid
Janielle: Graduated Prep, Batch 2007
Rinoa: Graduated Prep, Batch 2009
Gianna: Graduated Prep, Batch 2010
Enzo: Graduated Prep, Batch 2012
Lana: Graduated Kinder, Batch 2013
“Being parents, we always think of what would be the best for our children. Sephora is the apple of the eye in our family. As she grew up, we noticed that she was very introverted and had lots of fears. Even the guards in the mall or people visiting us made her squirm. Loud sounds like ringing of the bell, shouts of a kid made her scared. When Sephie was about 3 yrs. old, my husband and I decided to enroll her on a weekend school at the Little Archers at MOA to develop her social skills. She coped gradually, but still, there were times when her shyness still persisted. Looking for a preschool was a challenge for us. We were looking for a one that would provide her not only good academic foundation but also social skills. After so many inquiries and researches, we decided to try Playhouse for Early Education, which was then offering summer classes for toddlers.

We were amazed how Sephora, coming from school, would cheerfully narrate all their activities, complete with hand gestures and body language. At the end of her summer class, we knew that she had great fun in that school. Finally, we decided to enroll her in Nursery class under Teacher Jea. Teachers in Playhouse were special. Knowing our daughter’s fears and inhibitions, they would do an extra mile by bringing visitors to class to encourage our daughter to interact with other people. Teachers would even do the “choo choo train” just to let our daughter come near the Black Crucifix which our child feared.

Events in the school like Christmas program, National Children’s Book Week would usually make us tearful as we witness our daughter actively participating in all presentation. In her Kinder level under Teacher Mel, we were overwhelmed at her progress in behavior and academics. She learned how to read just in the first semester of school year, even without our assistance. Knowing each child’s weakness and strength, they let each child improve in their own pace and uniqueness, molding their values and at the same time, teaching them academically. They also provided us with seminars/talks on dealing with children as well as parental counseling. As Sephora graduated from Playhouse, we could proudly say that she is confident enough to face the challenges in the big school, armed with the knowledge, training and fond memories from Playhouse for Early Education.”
- Stanley and Jennivere Mendoza
Parents of Sephora Mendoza
Graduated Kinder, Batch 2014