<The Playhouse Makati

The Playhouse for early education is a community committed to the total care and development of preschool children.
We provide an environment that will foster

  • Positive Self-Esteem
  • Life-long learning
  • Individuality
  • Respect
  • and Learning at different phases and paces

We provide quality semi-structured educational program to preschool aged children in an environment that will enrich
each child’s social, emotional, physical, cognitive, intellectual, and creative abilities. We, at the Playhouse value

  • Professional expertise
  • Developmentally and age appropriate practices
  • Play as is essential in the learning process
  • Collaboration among school teams, parents and pupils

The Playhouse for Early Education recognizes the uniqueness of every child, each child with his own capability, intelligence, interest, feelings, needs and temperament. Fostering these uniqueness leads to positive-esteem. In this regard, The Playhouse limits each class size to 10-18 students, handled by a teacher and an assistant, with the end in view of knowing and caring for each individually.

The Playhouse believes that every child is smart. Using the multi-intelligence model developed by psychologist Howard Gardner, the curriculum is designed to discover the inherent intelligence of each child (language, logical-mathematics, visual, music, bodily-kinesthetics, interpersonal and intrapersonal).The child is exposed to varied activities that allow him to observe, perform and explore at his own pace, without pressure or competitive comparison. In effect, the teacher guides and leads the child in his educational adventure.

At The Playhouse, every child enjoys discovering what his body can do. A lot of hands-on activities, done individually and in groups, are incorporated in the program in order to develop the child’s physical qualities while encouraging self-reliance. Eventually, he is molded into a responsive child rather than a passive being. He learns to act on what he believes is right, in his heart and in his mind.

The Playhouse, with its home-like atmosphere and proximity, makes the child’s transition from the home to the new social environment of the school smooth and hassle-free. The Playhouse provides activities, facilities and programs that aim to develop the many facets of the child as an individual, including the physical, emotional, mental, social and spiritual aspects. Thus the child grows to be a “thinking, feeling and acting” individual.